Copyright Policy

1. Copyright on Content of Nikkei Asian Review

Copyright on the content, including, without limitation, any article, photograph, illustration, video and sound posted in Nikkei Asian Review ("NAR") are vested with Nikkei Inc. ("Nikkei") or any third party having legitimate rights thereto.

Definitions that are not set in this document are identical to the definitions set in the NAR Terms of Use.

2. Use of Nikkei Content

(1) Personal Use

The User may use any content contained in NAR to which Nikkei has the copyright ("Nikkei Content") for free and for personal and non-commercial use, without Nikkei's permission, except in the case of the restricted acts below.

The User shall, however, express clearly that copyright to Nikkei Content is owned by Nikkei and that the source is NAR, when the User uses Nikkei Content. If the User uses Nikkei Content in any electronic medium such as a website, he/she shall create, on the page of such electronic medium, a link to NAR's page where such Nikkei Content is posted.

The User may not do any of the following without prior written notice from Nikkei:

a. use Nikkei Content for a commercial purpose;

b. cite or reproduce Nikkei Content beyond reasonable extent;

c. edit, summarize, translate or adapt Nikkei Content and release it to any third party;

d. make a copy of Nikkei Content and distribute such a copy to any third party.

(2) Use by Public Organization, Corporation, Partnership or Other Organizations

The User who is a public organization, corporation, partnership or other organizations may not use Nikkei Content whether it is a profit or non-profit organization or whether such use is for a commercial or non-commercial purpose unless it takes a prescribed procedure in advance and obtains approval from Nikkei.

3. Application and Inquiries

Please contact us for application and inquiries with regard to the use of Nikkei Content.

4. AP Material

"AP Material contained in NAR is protected by copyright and shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. Neither this AP Material nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and non-commercial use."

Link Policy

The User shall express clearly at the place where the link is created that such link is connected to Nikkei Asian Review. If the User wishes to create a link for a commercial purpose, please contact Nikkei in advance.

Nikkei will refuse the creation of a link by the User if:

(a) it frames, harvests or scrapes Nikkei Content or otherwise aims to access Nikkei Content for similar purposes;

(b) it threatens to damage Nikkei's integrity or business;

(c) it is determined to be inappropriate by Nikkei.

Established on November 21, 2013